Friday, June 8, 2012

Five for Friday

What Do We Do With the Bible? (Part 4) – The final post in the series from NT Greek guru Bill Mounce. Especially not the last part regarding love of the Bible.

Walking Through Fire – Moving story of a cancer-stricken mother who would not abort her baby in spite of doctors, family, and even her husband telling her to. Tissue alert!

Letter to a 13-Year Old Asking How to Go Deeper in Bible Study – John Piper answers a question from a 13- year old. Sound advise that is helpful whether you are 13 or 103.

Can Christians Use Birth Control? – Albert Mohler offers extremely helpful counsel to Christians who wrestle with the use of birth control. Theology matters.

Running Out of Time – I know I’ve shared a lot of Jon Acuff lately, but he keeps writing killer stuff. Enjoy.

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