Friday, May 25, 2012

Five for Friday

Here are five post or articles I benefited from this week:

New & Notable Music - Blogmeister Tim Challies shares a few new Christian music projects you may not be aware of. I enjoyed Big Stories for Little Ones and Church Clothes this week. I didn't get a chance to listen to the other two he noted, but I'll check them out next week.

Why Are People So Cruel - Chris LoCurto is another one of the great guys on Dave Ramsey's team (I mentioned Jon Acuff last week). He shared this video and it literally moved me to tears. Every. Life. Is. Beautiful.

I'm Encouraged When an Unbeliever Hits Gospel Notes - Erik Raymond is a pastor who I've interacted with on a couple of occasions via his blog. He is a thinker and has a great eye for how theology (especially the Gospel) plays out in real life. "Then he spoke with prophetic clarity: 'Sometimes peace can only come through bloodshed man.'" Gospel gold.

What Do We Do With the Bible? Read It -Bill Mounce is pretty much the king of  Biblical Greek. I usually don't understand much of what he writes (my inadequacies, not his), but this series of posts matches the very heartbeat of what I desire to teach with my blog. Part 2 is below.

What Do We Do With the Bible? Meditate On It - Simply reading Scripture isn't enough to be changed by it. We have to actually engage the Word in order for it to conform our thoughts to it's. I often struggle with taking the time to meditate on Scripture, so this post has been especially helpful.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Five for Friday

Sorry, I missed a Friday or two. Here are 5 items that I deeply benefited from this week.

Kids Get the Gospel - Jon Acuff is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads. He is a very funny guy, but also "gets" the Gospel. I the course of one post I find myself shifting abruptly from deep belly-laughing to crying like a baby.

Trying Not to Complain Around Missionaries - Another gem from Jon Acuff. Humor with a great point.

Satan's Desire for Mothers - Julian Freeman offers great insight as to how Satan lies to mothers and God's truth in response to these lies. As a husband and father, this posted helped me know how to better pray for my wife.

God's Refrigerator Art - I've been wrestling a lot lately with the true nature of my relationship with God and his grace. This offering from the Resurgence ministered to me greatly.

Man with a Love Song - Okay, so this one isn't very "spiritual", but this guy has gotten me back into strumming on my ukulele. He is a wizard on the four-stringed jumping flea and I've been listening to the songs on this page over and over. A great reminder of God's common grace.