Friday, May 18, 2012

Five for Friday

Sorry, I missed a Friday or two. Here are 5 items that I deeply benefited from this week.

Kids Get the Gospel - Jon Acuff is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads. He is a very funny guy, but also "gets" the Gospel. I the course of one post I find myself shifting abruptly from deep belly-laughing to crying like a baby.

Trying Not to Complain Around Missionaries - Another gem from Jon Acuff. Humor with a great point.

Satan's Desire for Mothers - Julian Freeman offers great insight as to how Satan lies to mothers and God's truth in response to these lies. As a husband and father, this posted helped me know how to better pray for my wife.

God's Refrigerator Art - I've been wrestling a lot lately with the true nature of my relationship with God and his grace. This offering from the Resurgence ministered to me greatly.

Man with a Love Song - Okay, so this one isn't very "spiritual", but this guy has gotten me back into strumming on my ukulele. He is a wizard on the four-stringed jumping flea and I've been listening to the songs on this page over and over. A great reminder of God's common grace.

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